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Humanities and Social Science


—  Introduction —

Founded in 1701, Yale University is the third-oldest higher education institution in the US and is ranked 3rd among national universities, and a member of the Ivy League. There are 58 Nobel Prize winners, five Fields Medal winners, and three Turing Award winners are Yale alumni, professors, or researchers. The US President, George Herbert Walker Bush and Pinterest co-founder, Ben Silberman are all Yale alumni.

Summer School at Yale is committed to creating an international environment that provides students from around the world with the opportunity to learn professional knowledge and experience a variety of subjects on Yale's campus, helps students practice cross-cultural communication, improves their ability to learn and communicate in a multicultural environment, and guides students to find the direction of their academic learning and career interests. During the program, students will stay at Yale University, and study under the guidance of a prestigious teaching team led by Yale instructors. They will experience the academic and daily life in Yale University and explore academic topics. In addition to daily learning, the summer school has carefully arranged on-campus and off-campus activities to help students improve their communication skills, creativity, critical thinking skills, and other important skills and provide students with a high-quality summer school experience. Starting from 2023, ASDAN China has been the exclusive partner of Summer School at Yale in China.

—  Why Us? —

Small class size of 15
interactive learning experience of internationalization and diversification
Teaching team led by Yale instructors
guide the exploration and in-depth learning
Immerse learning
eat, live and study at Yale, experience the daily life of the Ivy League University
3 subjects
STEM, Bioscience-Medicine and Humanities& Social Science
Activities and city exploration
experience the culture of the Eastern United States
Reports and completion certificates
demonstrate ability and passion for learning

—  Teaching Faculty  —

Available Courses

Students will choose one of the three academic track to study.**Below is the sample course content, the actual course content is subject to the arrangement of Summer School at Yale and teaching instructors. The age difference between students in each class will be no more than 2 years.

Courses that may be involved in STEM include:Artificial Intelligence, Computer Simulations for Scientists and Engineers, Machine Learning, Introduction to Environmental Engineering, Introduction to Analog and Digital Sensors, Discrete Mathematics Cryptography and more.

Computer Science and Math Applications

Computer science and math help a person understand the world and solve problems. These transferable skills can be applied to numerous fields, with exciting career opportunities. Computer Science & Math Applications classes take traditionally university-level courses and adapt them for middle and high school students. Course topics could include game theory and design, data science, and high-level math for 21st-century problems.

Engineering Application

Engineering provides solutions to a wide range of industries like medicine, space, entertainment, transportation, environment, communications, etc. Our classes under the category Engineering's Application and Impact in Today's World provide our students an introduction to the field of engineering. Depending on the instructor’s expertise, courses will either focus on a specific field of engineering or a variety of engineering fields. Each class under this category will include design projects and other interactive activities so students can experience being an engineer.

Physical Sciences

Physical sciences are the study of inanimate natural objects and includes fields like chemistry, geology, physics, and astronomy. Its foundations lie upon fundamental theories and concepts, each of which describes particular aspects of nature. While helping students develop intellect for STEM fields, our Physical Sciences courses sharpen their skills in exploration and experimentation. These courses help students understand the world either at the small scale (e.g., individual chemicals) or beyond (e.g., Earth and solar system).

Courses that may be involved in Bioscience-Medicine include:Computational Biology, Biomedical Engineering for the Human Body, Experimental Approaches in Cancer Biology, Biomaterials in Immunotherapy, Biophysics and Structural Biology, Immunology, Genetics, Molecular Medicine, Neuroscience and more.

Internal Medicine

Medicine is one of the fastest-growing fields, with hundreds of billions of dollars invested in medical research annually. Internal Medicine courses take common and complex conditions and apply that knowledge to better understand and improve the body. Instructors can cover anything from the fundamentals like genes and proteins to cancer immunotherapy or even neurobiology of drugs. After taking an Internal Medicine class, students will have a better understanding of the type of courses they might encounter in the medical field.

Medical Care and Pressing Health Issues

The promotion of health, prevention of diseases, and empowerment of individuals to manage their illnesses and disabilities are crucial means of positively impacting large groups of people globally. Our Medical Care & Pressing Health Issues courses prepare students to think beyond individual patient’s needs and help as many people as possible. Classes can cover topics related to public health, law and ethics within medicine, pandemic prevention, health impacts of political and societal problems, and health research.

Technology Explorations in Bioscience

Technologies in biosciences arise from serendipity (a fortunate chance), inspired thought, and incremental advances, and they are usually tightly coupled with progress in engineering. Bioscience innovations are meant to benefit patients, help medical providers, and advance medical care. Students will apply the fundamentals of bioscience to understand technologies and bioscience software in medicine. Some courses will even challenge students to innovate, motivated by ideas developed from their own backgrounds.

Courses that may be involved in Bioscience-Medicine include:Law & Politics, Imagining the Modern City, Writers and Writing Culture, The Social Life of Art Sustainable, Innovation & Health Care, Critical Thinking through the Arts, International Relations and more.

Law and Government

Mastering law and government opens doors to a range of fields from global security to intelligence analysis, criminal justice to labor relations, and even public policy to public affairs. In order to make meaningful change in society, our students need to understand the systems that power them. Our Law & Government courses teach students about current challenges related to law and government and encourage students to debate and solve problems on a mass scale.

Writing and Art

Creativity motivates students to learn, leads to higher-order cognitive skills like problem-solving and critical thinking, and prepares them for future careers. Writing and art are at the cornerstone of creativity. Our Writing & Art classes cover a range of topics that develop students’ confidence, sense of perception, and collaboration skills and teach them about art, music, or theatre in modern-day society. Each instructor will inspire students with their expertise in writing and art.

Business and Communications

Globalization has become the new normal, and it has provided new opportunities for economies and individuals. Taking Business & Communications courses prepares students to unlock the entrepreneur in them by providing fundamental knowledge to be successful in business. Classes could cover a range of topics, such as leadership skills, communication, economics, finance-centered math, creative and design thinking, and business strategies.

— Sample Schedule —

*The program schedule and class time are subject to the final official arrangement of Summer School at Yale.

9:00-12:45 14:00-15:45 After 16:00
Day 1 Arrival and check in
Day 2 Academic Course Additional social and cultural extra-curricular activities:
May include: Workshops, Guided Museum Tour, Campus Tour, Debate, Talent Show, etc.
Day 3 Free time:
Day 4 Students will have autonomy and flexibility in scheduling
Day 5 Lights Off:
Day 6 All students should return to the dorm before 9 PM and go to bed with lights off at 23:00
Day 7 University Exploration:
Students will travel to Boston to visit Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and go to Quincy Market, a famous place on the Boston Freedom Trail, to experience the atmosphere of wellknown US Universities and the Boston culture in depth.
Day 8 City Exploration:
Students will travel to New York City, the heart of US, and visit famous landmarks and cultural attractions such as One World Trade Center (Freedom Tower)/Times Square/Central Park/Museum of Modern Art, etc., exploring the center of US economy, politics and culture.
Day 9 Academic Course Additional social and cultural extra-curricular activities:
May include: Workshops, Guided Museum Tour, Campus Tour, Debate, Talent Show, etc.
Day 10 Free time:
Day 11 Students will have autonomy and flexibility in scheduling activities
Day 12 Lights Off:
Day 13 All students should return to the dorm before 9 PM and go to bed with lights off at 23:00
Day 14 Back to China

— Activities —

Residential Life

Summer School at Yale uses residences where Yale undergraduates live during the regular academic year. Most units range in size, typically they will have 2–5 bedrooms plus a living space.
Bathrooms are shared within units on the same floor, with female and male participants on different floors.

Dining Halls & Meals

Housing and meals are provided during the 2 weeks of the academic program. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is provided during the 2 weeks of the academic program.Yale University offers a diverse range of dining options with a variety of cuisines, catering to the dietary preferences and nutritional needs of students.

Study at Yale

Students will receive guidance and instruction from teaching faculty led by Yale University mentors, completing coursework in their chosen fields. Through activities such as specialized course studies, seminars, and school explorations, they will expand their personal knowledge reserves and push the boundaries of skill development.

—  Application —


July 14-July 27, 2024

Birthday requirements:

13-18 years old: birthday between 28th July, 2005 and 13th July, 2011


  • 13-15 years old: English language level equivalent to IELTS level 5.5or TOEFL 70
  • 16-18 years old: English language level equivalent to IELTS level 6.0or TOEFL 80
  • Recommendation letter from your teacher as proof of English proficiencyor a phone interview with an ASDAN staff member (since the programme isconducted entirely in English)

* Priority for awarded students from ASDAN STEM assessments

The process of enrollment:

  • Step1: Enroll and Pay through the ASDAN WeChat Mini Program
  • Step2: Register on the Summer School at Yale system

* Limited spots are available for each course, and enrollment closes upon reaching capacity. Once ASDAN China receives your payment, we will promptly register you on the Summer School at Yale system. Final confirmation depends on the organizers. If no more course places exist, an ASDAN consultant will quickly discuss second-choice preferences with students and parents.


  • Includes: tuition, accommodation, breakfast and dinner, extracurricular activities, and excursions to London during the programme; ASDAN group leader service fee; bus transport during the program; international insurance; study materials; lunch(for students aged 13-14)
  • Excludes: international transportation costs to and from London (departure and arrival from Beijing/Shanghai/Shenzhen/Hong Kong, you can use a third-party service or ASDAN China's unified service); visa and visa service fee (2400RMB, ASDAN's VIP visa service promises to obtain a visa, or all visa and program fees will be refunded if the visa is refused)

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