Osaka Sogo College of Design Animation Program

Close to the advanced animation industry

Guided by mentors from Osaka Sogo College of Design

Discover the development of Japanese anime

Obtain the Official Certificate of Completion

Create your theme animation work

Date Location Grade Language Quota
Jan.31st- Feb.7th, 2024 Japan 8-11


*with Chinese translation

28 places


Osaka Sogo College of Design

Ueda Gakuen is one of Kansai, Japan's oldest and most popular design schools. It is officially certified by Autodesk for MAYA. (Autodesk was founded in 1982 and is one of the world's largest software companies. The market mainstream modelling software, such as 3D MAX and MAYA, are Autodesk's products. The company has over 4 million users in more than 150 countries worldwide.) Yasuko Ueda Apparel College and Osaka Sogo College of Design, known in Japan for fashion design and anime production, respectively, belong to Ueda Gakuen.

Osaka Sogo College of Designwas established as a design education College in April 1965. In anticipation of the evolving design industry, the school has introduced a curriculum that cherishes the thought of one person student alone.And "designer-oriented"by performing the Department of the organization that specializes in "creator-oriented", will train the future creators to suit the times.

In August 2023, ASDAN China established a strategic partnership with Osaka College of Design to provide the Osaka College of Design Animation Program to Chinese students, which allows students to travel to Japan to encounter the animation industry.

Why Us?

Close to the advanced animation industry

During the program, students will have the opportunity to travel to Japan, encounter the advanced animation industry,and learn animation &comic skills.

Experienced Mentors

Our tutors have a unique and insider insight into animation & comic production. Our course leaders are all experienced and qualified teachers who have tutored many students to grasp animation production skills.

Field Research

Students will visit sacred anime sites, such as Kiyomizu Temple, Nihonbashi and Shinsaibashi, to have close contact with their favourite anime characters. In addition, students will go to NHK, Japan's most extensive public broadcasting station, to learn about the programme recording and broadcasting process.

Certificate and Outcome

Students who meet all the program requirements will receive an official Completion Certificate from Osaka Sogo College of Design and create their animation work.





通过基础造型的介绍,速绘技巧知识的解说及实践 ,学生将在短时间内掌握意想不到的速写技巧。



Sample Schedule

Morning Afternoon Evening
Day1 Arrivial
Day2 Course 1: Animation & Comic

l Opening ceremony

l Introduction to the history of animation in Japan and the world

l Classic animation clips appreciation and explanation

Course 2: Game Development and Production

l Introduction to Japanese game development

l Game design and development

Welcome Party
o Help students adapt to the setting and engage in their studies more quickly through a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere
Day3 Course 3: Caricature

l History of Japanese Comic

l Basis of modern Japanese manga

l analyze the stories behind classic anime

Course 4: CG Animation Production

l Drawing skills

l Drawing practice

l draw your anime characters

Individual/Group Task


Day4 Course 5: Basic Modeling

l Introduction of basic modelling

l Explanation and practice of sketching skills

l Analyze the stories behind classic anime

Course 6: Basic Modelling Practice

l Modeling practice

l Feedback session

Course 7: Animation Production

l Introduction to animation production

l Animation production process and techniques

Day5 Field Research 1: Kiyomizu Temple

Enjoy the beauty of ancient Japanese buildings, set up a sense of cultural heritage protection, and inherit and develop traditional culture.

Field Research 2-Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine

Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine, one of the oldest and most important Inari shrines in Japan, is famous for its red Chidori Yagura roots and the countless scales in the shape of "Senbon Torii".

Day6 Field Research 3: Osaka Castle Park

Visit Osaka Castle Park, a landmark building in Osaka, to learn about the history of Osaka city and Japan. Looking for the places that appeared in "Detective Conan" -- Tianshouge, and shoot the same photo.


Field Research 4: NHK (Nihon Hōsō Kyōgaku)

Visit Japan's only public broadcasting station and learn about the process of recording and broadcasting programmes, and experience newscasting and news recording as a news anchor.

Field Research 5- Nihonbashi

Experience Japanese anime's culture and development and enjoy the surprise of meeting your favourite anime characters/cosplayers.

Day7 Closing Ceremony

Cosplay favourite anime characters, report and display learning achievements, and receive the completion certificate.


Enjoy various Japanese foods and experience Japan's colourful life and culture.

Namba Gourmet Alley

Stroll in a nostalgic atmosphere and taste various Osaka delicacies from several small restaurants.

Farewell party

Day8 Depature
*The schedule is subject to change by Osaka Sogo College of Design.

Faculty at Osaka Sogo College of Design

Gisaburo Sugii

Guest Professor,Japanese animation film director

Gisaburo Sugii is a renowned Japanese animation director and manga artist. As a Japan Film Director's Association member, he has rich experience directing and producing anime and manga. Gisaburo Shirai has worked for Madhouse and Toei Animation. He has participated in producing many classic anime and manga works, such as Touch, Astro Boy, Galactic Railway Night, The Legend of the White Snaake, etc.

Hideyuki Kaso

Professor,Chairman of the Picture Book Association

Hideyuki Kaso teaches expressive writing and the fundamentals of picture book production at Osaka Sogo College of Design. He has a unique perspective on picture book production. He has written works on picture books, including Beginning to Learn the History of Japanese Picture Books, Picture Books in the Taisho Period: A Study of Picture Book Magazines and Reading Picture Books: An Introduction to Picture Book Studies.

Miyano Keiji

Honorary Lecturer,Japanese film director

Miyano Keiji is a renowned Japanese film director with extensive experience in film production, having led or participated in producing films such as Yumeji Ai no Splash, Chief Captain of the Delinquent 3000, and Slay Girls. Keiji Miyano has won many awards, including the Japan Film Award and the Most Outstanding Production Award at the 2015 Japan Film Festival in Los Angeles.

Takashi Nakao

Honorary Lecturer,Japanese Leading Voice Actor

Takashi Nakao is a well-known voice actor in Japan. He won the 25th Japan Film Award for the best voice actor in the anime category and the 11th Kei Tomiyama Award for Voice Acting. His voice works include Dragon Ball (as Frieza), Doraemon (as Yerumatta Dora),One Piece (as M. Kaiser Kuron), and The Lost Canvas(as Elzak).


Field Research

Program Information


Jan.31st- Feb.7th, 2024 (8 days)




Japanese (with Chinese translation)




Up to 28 students


  • Inclusive: Tuition, course materials, accommodation, excursions fees; ASDAN group leader service fee; International Insurance; interpreter, certificate and souvenir fee; lunch during the field trip, dinner at the welcome and farewell parties, and transfer from the airport to the hotel;
  • Excludes:International transportation costs to and from Japan (departure and arrival from Beijing / Shanghai /Hong Kong/Shenzhen, you can use a third-party service or ASDAN China's unified service; Visa fee &visa service fee (600 RMB); Meals (participants are expected to provide their breakfast, lunch and dinner; suggested budget of 1000-3000 yen/meal, around 50-150yuan/meal)


项目期间,将由项目翻译人员与领队老师陪同学生步行上下学,所住酒店距离学校步行仅5-10分钟。 此外,项目期间的实地研修活动因为涉及到跨市出行(去京都/奈良),所以会提供统一的用车服务。
项目期间,我们将选择就近的酒店入住(酒店距离学校步行约5-10分钟)。 标准为普通商务酒店,2人一间。
项目期间学生主要活动地点都是在大阪(日本第二大城市),交通生活十分便利。大部分便利店、药妆店、大的饭店都支持支付宝、微信或银联卡支付,且学生使用银联卡即可在当地取钱,所以携带少量日元现金与银联卡即可。 具体携带金额,学生可以参考以下标准并结合自身实际情况决定。 餐费:项目费用包含实地研修活动期间的午餐费用、欢迎会与送别会的晚餐费用,其余餐食需要学生自理(日本美食众多,鼓励同学们结伴而行,品尝更多美食)。日本每餐费用约为1000-3000日元,合人民币50-150元/餐。