Suitable Students:16 years old and above, interested in biology, biomedicine, bioengineering, life science and relative subjects


Oxford Biology Summer School Introduction

The Oxford Biology Summer School is a research-focused summer programme organised by the University of Oxford's Engineering Department and ASDAN China. It offers a curriculum taught by University of Oxford facultywith official certificates issued by the Engineering Department. This program enables young students passionate about biology and related fields to experience research process at the University of Oxford, enhancing their academic skills and global perspective, ultimately boosting their qualifications for competitive university applications.

In the 2024 summer, Oxford Biology Summer School programme will open for high school students from China. This programme aims to provide students who are interested in deepening their knowledge in biology and related fields with the opportunity to explore cutting-edge biolofical knowledge. Students will learn from Oxford mentors, gaining expertise in biology and research methods. They'll also get experience in biological experiments under the guidance of professional researchers from teaching team to enrich their research skills and improve their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities

  Project Result 

Students will collaborate in groups to consolidate the knowledge acquired during the course and the exploration process. Through group academic research, they will produce academic outputs and present them collectively. This will be followed by feedback and guidance from mentors. Upon completion of the programme, students will receive an official completion certificate from Oxford University, serving as a strong testament to their academic and research capabilities

 Why Us 

1Experience the Teaching Model of Oxford University

Students will study in Oxford University, guided by official academic research teams, to experience the university's teaching model and immerse themselves in the university's learning environment.

Oxford's Expert Tutors Instruct Various Biology Branches2

The teaching team is composed of Oxford University professors, researchers, and PhD students. Guided by Oxford experts, students explore biology through lectures, discussions, lab visits, and experiments

3Gain Experience in Cutting-edge Biological Research

Throughout the programme, students work collaboratively under Oxford University mentors, engaging in the entire research process. Additionally, they will visit Oxford's collaborative labs to conduct experiments under professional guidance, and gain real laboratory experience.

Visit Oxford University Laboratories and Cutting-edge Biotech Companies4

Students can visit Biological lab in Oxford University and biotech company. They'll engage with experts, experience actual research settings, and explore biology's diverse applications

5Receive an Official Completion Certificate

During the programme, students collaborate in groups to study advanced biology research topics, conduct research under PhD‘s supervision, produce academic outputs, and present their findings. They will receive an official certificate from the  University of Oxford's Department of Engineering

  Teaching Team Sample  

  Programme Structure 

Oxford Tutor Lecture
Guided by the Oxford University mentor team, students will explore cutting-edge topics, enhancing their expertise and expanding their horizons in biology.
PhD Student Guidance
PhD students offer deep academic guidance, helping students enhance their knowledge through practical science and complete individual and collaborative research tasks.
Laboratory Visits
Students will visit Oxford University's biology research facility and biotech company, gaining exposure to cuttingedge biotechnology and taking part in guided experiments.
Group Work
Students will choose academic topic groups and, with guidance from Oxford PhD students, explore their chosen subjects deeply
Students will have the opportunity to visit iconic places on the Oxford University campus, and explore cities like London and Cambridge.

  Schedule Sample 

Oxford Tutor Lecture: The Oxford University mentors will select topics based on current trends and cuttingedge research in the field of biology for academic knowledge teaching and sharing. The topics include:

  • History and Frontier of Biotech
  • Life Science
  • Microbiology
  • Computer Science in Biology
  • Animal-Origin Infectious Diseases
  • Rapid Virus Testing Device with Array Function
  • Biomedical, Corporate, and Industrial Applications
  • Engineering Research on Plant Enzyme Catalytic Properties

Furthermore, an Oxford University Chair Professor will present captivating interdisciplinary research in cutting-edge biology to the students.

Date/Time 10:00-12:00 14:00-16:00 After 16:00
Day 1 Arrival
Day 2-Day 5 Oxford Tutor Lecture

Oxford PhD Student Guidance/

Oxford Academic Writing Guidance

Oxford Tutor Lecture

Oxford PhD Student Guidance

Campus and City Exploration

Self-Directed Learning

Dinner Time

Day 6 Oxford Tutor Lecture Oxford IBME Visit
Day 7

Exploring University of Cambridge: Visit historic Cambridge University, explore renowned colleges like King's, Trinity, and St. John's, take a punt ride, and experience the university's unique culture and academic ambiance.

Exploring London: Visit famous attractions and internationally renowned universities in London and experience the cultural and academic atmosphere of London.

Day 8
Day 9 Oxford Tutor Lecture Oxford PhD Student Guidance

Campus and City Exploration

Self-Directed Learning

Dinner Time

Day 10 MEStar Lab Visit

Oxford Tutor Lecture

Biology Lab Practical and Mentor Summation
Day 11 Oxford Tutor Lecture

Oxford PhD Student Guidance

Oxford PhD Student Guidance

Preparation for Presentation

Self-Directed Learning

Formal Dinner

Day 12 Preparation for Presentation

Dinner Time

Day 13 Presentation and suggestion Presentation and suggestion


Quiz Night

Dinner Time

Day 14 Back to China

*The final courses and content may vary depending on Oxford Biology Summer School.

 Application Information 


2024.7.21-8.3(14 days)

【Suitable Students】

16 years old and above,interested in biology and relative subjects,and with basic biology knowledge

【Requirements】:Meet any of the requirements is sufficient for enrollment

  • obtain grade A in ASDAN EPQ biological research
  • achieve gold awards in ASDAN international biology challenges
  • English language level equivalent to IELTS level 6.5 or TOEFL 90, and grade A in biology, or a score of 7 in (I)GCSE Biology.
  • If the above requirements are not met, an English telephone interview with an ASDAN teacher is required

All students will have an online group meeting with their project mentors in December.


Include:Tuition, course materials, accommodation, breakfast, Formal Gala Dinner fee, excursions fees; ASDAN group leader service fee, Local transportation fees, International Insurance.

Not Include:International transportation costs to and from UK (departure and arrival from Beijing/Shanghai/Hongkong/Shenzhen, you can use a third-party service or ASDAN China's unied service;Visa fee & visa service fee (2400 RMB); Lunch and dinner during the programme


Do students need to have biology knowledge?

Students in this programme will learn the cutting-edge knowledge of biology and current hot research directions, and will be guided by professional researchers to complete the biological experimental operations, which require a certain degree of discipline foundation, otherwise they will not be able to complete the corresponding difficulty and depth of the scientific research tasks.

Can students apply for this programme if their age is below 16?

According to the University of Oxford's laboratory system, students under the age of 16 are not permitted to enter the laboratory to complete experiments. This programme involves biology experiments and is therefore recommended for students 16 years of age and older. students 15 years of age are permitted to enroll but will not be allowed to enter the labs and can only observe and learn outside the labs.

What about the accommodation?Where will the students live?

Students will live in the dormitory at the University of Oxford.

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