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Business Management
Creative Writing and Film
Architecture and Design

—  Introduction —

University College London (UCL), established in 1826, stands as the UK's third-oldest institution of higher education and is counted among the G5 universities in the UK. UCL comprises 11 academic faculties, over 100 academic departments and research centers, 17 libraries, and 9 museums. Renowned worldwide for its outstanding research capabilities, UCL consistently ranks among the top 10 in global assessments by academic institutions such as QS World University Rankings, Times Higher Education World University Rankings, and U.S. News World University Rankings. UCL has a robust network of staff and alumni, producing 33 Nobel Prize laureates and 3 recipients of the Fields Medal. Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone, and Francis Crick, co-discoverer of DNA are both UCL alumni.

In November 2023, ASDAN China and Summer School at UCL entered into a strategic partnership, opening up summer programs for Chinese students for the first time. The program, taught by a team of seasoned industry experts, is committed to enhancing students' enthusiasm for learning. It aims to help students explore diverse academic disciplines, understand future industry trends, clarify their future career paths and professional choices, and develop essential skills for future academic and career development. Throughout the program, students will study on the UCL campus and reside in UCL undergraduate student apartments, immersing themselves in the authentic academic atmosphere of UCL. In addition, the program offers a variety of on-campus and off-campus practical exploration activities. It provides opportunities for students to exercise and cultivate core personal skills, including information retrieval, communication, innovation, and critical thinking abilities, laying a solid foundation for their future development.

— Why Us? —

125 Nationalities
Students will study and live together with outstanding peers from 125 countries worldwide, enhancing their international communication skills, teamwork, and other essential abilities.
Small Class, up to 10 students per class
The program is led by industry experts from the G5 universities, employing a small class teaching approach with a maximum of 10 students. This engages students in the classroom and ensures in-depth communication between students and mentors.
Prominent Enterpries, provide practical support and professional development exploration
Students will participate in subject-specific practical courses supported by prominent UK institutions and businesses such as Barclays Bank and the Royal Courts of Justice. The practical courses cover a wide range of topics, including drone coding and virtual reality, unraveling the secrets of the London Underground, startup companies, and financial accelerators.
1V1 gudiance, personalized Q&A with professional tutors
Mentors will pay attention to students' participation and engage in 1V1 communication with them to discuss about their performance. They will guide students to reflect on the activity process and continuously improve their learning methods. Ultimately, teachers will collaborate with students to develop plans that align with their interests, hobbies, and professional development.
Authoritative academic report and program completion certificates
After completing this program, students will receive personalized academic reports and program completion certificates, providing strong evidence of their individual learning and practical capabilities.

—  Teaching Faculty  —

* The final tutor is subject to the official arrangement of Summer School at UCL.

— Academic Structure & Available Courses  —

Academic Structure

Academic Course


Practical Course


Available Courses

15-18 years old

Architecture and Design, Business Management, Creative Writing and Film, Engineering, Law, Medicine

15-18 years old

Architecture and Design, Business Management, Creative Writing and Film, Engineering, Law, Medicine


Course Description:

Engineering is an applied discipline, with its core focused on applying principles of science and technology to solve problems. In the subject, students will study knowledge in various subdivisions of engineering, such as electronic engineering, electrical engineering, bioengineering, fluid mechanics, software and computer engineering. Through disciplinary practical activities, they will gain an understanding of the learning emphases in different subdivisions of engineering, the practical application of specific disciplinary knowledge, and how to collaboratively address real-world problems through interdisciplinary cooperation.

Reference practice activities:

3D printing:Students have an opportunity to experience the process of 3D printing with the latest technology and explore its uses for thefuture.

Exploration of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park:At the Olympic Park, students receive a guided tour to discover the stages and considerations involved in urban regeneration.

Secrets of the Underground:Participants explore the tunnels, learning what it takes to construct city-wide transportation with a huge number of variables and the changes in engineering over the years.

UAV Coding and Virtual Reality:Participants explore the tunnels, learning what it takes to construct city-wide transportation with a huge number of variables and the changes in engineering over the years.

Robot Workshop:In this workshop, students learn how to code their own drone with a competitive aspect, they must code their model over an assault course with precision, and speed.

Engineering in Roller Coaster:Students attend a Ted talk style exploration of key principles of Physics and Maths with the inspiring backdrop of THORPE PARK’s exhilarating roller-coasters. They’ll discover how crucial considerations of accelerations, Newton’s Laws and Forces are in designing and maintaining the park’s rides.

Exploration of Science Museum:Visit the witness of global scientific and technological changes and developments—the Science Museum. Gain insights into the factors driving the development of science and technology, as well as the progress and application of science and technology in various fields, particularly in the medical domain.

Architecture and Design

Course Description:

From the Shard in London to the Shanghai Tower, from Amager Hill to the World Trade Center in Bahrain, architectural works from different periods reflect the evolution of human needs for architectural functionality. With the continuous development of human needs, there is an increasing demand in society for architects with professional skills and design taste. In this course, students will learn fundamental knowledge in architecture, design principles, and other professional courses. They will draw design inspiration from the experiences shared by professionals, understand and develop the skills required for architects, laying a solid foundation to adapt to the demands of modern architecture.

Reference practice activities:

Design and development of comprehensive urban buildings: Visit the London office of Metropolitan Workshop Architecture Studio, a recipient of numerous awards in architectural design. Experience the real working environment and workflow of architects, establishing a concrete understanding of the architectural design industry.

Exploring Architecture Center: Students will be able to explore the material exhibits on show at the Building Centre, and use this as a basis for creating their own project or piece by the end of their visit.

Architects' urban exploration journey:Under the guidance of mentors, students will explore Canary Wharf, a significant financial center in London. They will gain insights into the engineering principles embedded in the architecture of this area.

Business Management

Course Description:

Business management is a practice-oriented discipline. In this program, students will explore the professional field through specialized courses, interactive seminars, and team activities. They will gain insights into the financial industry by learning from experienced professionals and participating in discussions. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to visit renowned institutions/organizations, deepening their understanding through practical experiences, gaining insights into industry trends, and clarifying personal professional choices and career development directions.

Reference practice activities:

Financial accelerators and start-ups:Students will hear from Barclays’ RISE Fin-Tech accelerator, and learn about how Fin-Tech is innovating and changing the world of finance. Also, students will have a tour of the Shoreditch site and learn about start-up companies in the heart of the most dynamic area of London.

Business management and brand:The Museum of Brands offers workshops exploring themes such as sustainability in packaging, gender in advertising, evolving a brand, and many more. Students get hands-on, learning in a practical way.

Fashion factory visit:The factory offers different topics with themes such as: The manufacturing process of a garment, The Garment Life Cycle, Sustainable On-Demand textile production and The supply chain and challenges a supplier faces.

Big data and business management:The visit to LOKE allows students an insight into the roles of marketing, Fin-Tech, big data and AI in business. Students will also learn from a company that pivoted extremely successfully during the pandemic due to its AI-driven targeted marketing and agile nature.

Brand promotion and development and business management:Supported by PIP Creative. Students work through their own brand development project, looking at trends and how to stand out in their chosen industry.


Course Description:

Students will explore different subdivisions of biological sciences and investigate emerging trends in the medical field, understanding the developmental trajectory of the healthcare industry. Acting as simulated family doctors, students will conduct tests, diagnose patients, and formulate treatment plans, learning how to address real medical issues. They will read cutting-edge academic materials, record and summarize personal opinions and thoughts, and develop independent thinking skills. Through clinical medical practices, discussions, and on-site explorations at medical schools, students will experience the real working methods and environment of medical professionals.

Reference practice activities:

Animal structure and comparative anatomy:Students undertake a self-guided tour of the museum, guided by their expert tutor, to explore a number of the museum’s specialist areas.

Field exploration at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine:Students may learn about the different roles within the school and the cross-section between research, education and communication on a global scale. Students may learn about the outstanding impact of the work taking place at LSHTM.

Laboratory exploration tour:Students will visit the laboratory where penicillin was discovered and explore how accidental discoveries in biochemical experiments have changed medical history. Students will also have a deeper understanding of penicillin in medical history through lectures.

History and changes of operating room:Students will visit the Old Operating Theatre, the oldest existing operating room in Europe before the emergence of anesthetics and preservatives and experience the surgical operation before the emergence of anesthetics and preservatives through lectures.


Course Description:

Law is a crucial set of social norms and rules, serving as a significant force in upholding social justice and order. As legal professionals, lawyers must possess excellent critical thinking, judgment, and persuasive skills to effectively use legal tools in protecting the legal rights of parties involved in legal cases. In the course, through the study of professional knowledge, analysis of typical cases, practical activities, and more, students will develop a foundational framework of legal knowledge. They will gain an understanding of the crucial significance of legal operations and establish basic awareness of the legal industry's prospects and workflows.

Reference practice activities:

Old Bailey court case reappearance tour:Students will undertake a tour of the Royal Courts of Justice, taken by an expert guide who will show them: The Great Hall, original court documents relating to ‘Guy Fawkes’ from year 1605, exhibitions of legal costumes, history about the art, and a History of the RCJ’s famous cases and Inquiries.

Discovery tour of the Royal Cour:Students will visit the Royal Court of Justice and explore the original court documents of the Guy Fawkes case, the legal costumes of historical periods and the history of famous cases and investigations in the Royal Court of Justice in London through exhibitions.

UK Supreme Court Discovery Tour:Students will visit the Supreme Court Education Exhibition Hall and can watch or attend the appeal hearing after sharing with the information officers of the British Supreme Court.

Exploring the British Parliament and the House of Commons:Students will visit the British Parliament Education Center to learn about the functions and historical changes of the British Parliament and explore important legislative and political institutions in Britain.

Creative Writingand Film

Course Description:

This course aims to ignite the passion for creative writing in students and enhance their skills in imaginative writing. Throughout the program, students will delve into themed courses covering topics such as film, television, and screenplay writing, establishing a foundational knowledge framework in entertainment creation. They will explore the art of film and television critique, learning how to approach media creation from an academic perspective. Through a rich array of courses and activities, students will unleash boundless inspiration, embarking on attempts to emulate artistic genres they admire in scriptwriting and gaining an understanding of the fundamental processes involved in artistic creation.

Reference practice activities:

Explore the film History Collection:Students will have the opportunity to view over 80,000 valuable collections from the British Film Institute, review the development and change of British television and film, and explore the major influences that have contributed to the development of the television and film industry.

Film Museum Exploration:Students will visit the London Film Museum to explore film related artifacts and memorabilia, and watch a series of short films to explore the history of film.

—  Partial Practice Institutions  —

Summer School at UCL has 10 years' experience in summer school and has reached in-depth cooperation with many well-known British enterprises and institutions. It is committed to fully mobilizing students' learning enthusiasm, helping students explore a wide range of disciplines, understand future industry development trends, clarify future professional choices and career development paths, and develop necessary professional skills for future academic and career development through rich classroom professional content, various project practice and visits by famous British enterprises.

Bank of England Museum

London Film Museum

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Make a Medic

Metropolitan Workshop Architecture Studio

British Royal Court of Justice

Additive X

Rise Created by BARCLAYS


Students will stay in the student apartment of University College London in central London. The specific accommodation standards (single room/double room, some rooms without independent bathroom) will be determined by the organizers of Summer School at UCL according to factors such as students' age and course selection. Unless under special circumstances, students do not have the right to specify or freely change dormitories. Students are encouraged to approach their studies and daily life at University College London with an open and inclusive mindset.

—  Sample Schedule  —

Date/Time 9:30-11:30 13:30-17:30 19:00-20:30
Day 1 Arrive in London and check in Ice-breaking games
Day 2 Professional academic course Professional practice course Various evening activities: Fireside Chat with Metors, Guest Speaker, Bowling, Talent Show, the British Museum Lates, etc .
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6 Personal Project /Career 1:1
Day 7 Cultural Exploration
Students will visit landmarks and characteristic places in central London to complete in-depth urban exploration.
Day 8 Free time Walking tour in London Sports exploration
Cruise to Greenwich
Day 9 Professional academic course Professional practice course Various evening activities: Fireside Chat with Metors, Guest Speaker, Bowling, Talent Show, the British Museum Lates, etc .
Day 10
Day 11
Day 12
Day 13 Personal Project /Career 1:1 Program report and presentation closing ceremony
Day 14 Back to China

— Application —

【Programme Date】

July 14-July 27, 2024

【Birthday Requirements】

  • 13-14 years old: Birthday between July 28, 2009, and July 14, 2011
  • 15-18 years old: Birthday between July 28, 2005, and July 27, 2009


  • 13-14 years old: English language level equivalent to IELTS level 5.5 or TOEFL 70
  • 15-18 years old: English language level equivalent to IELTS level 6.0 or TOEFL 80

- ficiency or a phone interview with an ASDAN staff member (since the programme is conducted entirely in English)
- Priority for awarded students from ASDAN STEM assessments

【The process of enrollment】

Step1: Enroll and Pay through the ASDAN WeChat Mini Program
Step2: Register on the Summer School at UCL system
* Limited spots are available for each course, and enrollment closes upon reaching capacity. Once ASDAN China receives your payment, we will promptly register you on the Summer School at UCL system. Final confirmation depends on the organizers. If no more course places exist, an ASDAN consultant will quickly discuss second-choice preferences with students and parents.


  • Includes:tuition, accommodation, breakfast and dinner, extracurricular activities, and excursions to London during the programme; ASDAN group leader service fee; bus transport during the program; international insurance; study materials; lunch(for students aged 13-14)
  • Excludes:international transportation costs to and from London (departure and arrival from Beijing/Shanghai/Shenzhen/Hong Kong, you can use a third-party service or ASDAN China's unified service); visa and visa service fee (2400RMB, ASDAN's VIP visa service promises to obtain a visa, or all visa and program fees will be refunded if the visa is refused); lunch ( Participants aged 15-18 are expected to provide their lunch. Various eateries around London have a suggested budget of £15- £20 per meal.)

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