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UC Berkeley

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, the University of California, Berkeley, a member of the Association of American Universities, is one of the world's most influential public research universities, ranked No. 1 in
the 2024 U.S. News list of the nation's best public universities, and known as the " Public Ivy". The University of California, Berkeley is ranked 10th in the 2024 QS World University Rankings, 6th in Economics, 7th in Biological Sciences, and 11th in Marketing in the 2023 QS Subject Rankings.

UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley Summer School

UC Berkeley Summer School

UC Berkeley Summer School

The UC Berkeley Summer School is officially hosted by UC Berkeley and instructed by UC Berkeley faculty members. Students will engage in classes on the UC Berkeley campus, immersed in a strong academic atmosphere. They will reside in well-equipped dormitories amidst pleasant surroundings, experiencing both the humanistic life and academic spirit of UC Berkeley. The program offers offline instruction by UC Berkeley faculty members, granting students early access to undergraduate-level professional courses and establishing a robust foundation for their future professional choices and university studies. The program adopts the Problem-Based Learning (PBL) method, aiding students in adapting to the U.S. university mode of instruction in advance. This transition empowers students in their learning journey, moving from passive acceptance to active exploration. It aims to enhance students' sense of participation, stimulate interest in learning, and cultivate the depth of their thinking and problem-solving skills.

ASDAN China has been the exclusive official partner of the UC Berkeley Summer School in China since 2018.

Available Courses

Economics can help us understand the logic behind a complex world. You will explore the two branches of economics: microeconomics, which focuses on the complex interactions between consumers and companies, and macroeconomics, the study of big-picture issues such as national production, growth, employment, and ination. Examples of economics applied to life range from personal consumption choices to global trade trends. During the program, students will explore topics of interest to them in their studies, led by their mentors, to understand how individuals, organizations, and nations allocate scarce resources, and the core influences on long-term growth and short-term volatility.

What you can learn ?

  • Gain mastery of core macroeconomics and microeconomics theories.
  • Prepare for future advanced studies in economic theory, applied economics, etc.

For the crowd:

Students interested in economics or plan to apply for economics as a university major.

Students will immerse themselves in the creative but challenging field of marketing and explore the essential steps to creating customer loyalty. Develop a practical understanding of market analysis, branding, communication campaigns, consumer behavior, and perception. In this class, students will learn how to acquire techniques to identify target customers and their needs, familiarize themselves with the steps to designing, implementing, and maintaining a communication campaign, develop strategies for building brand equity, identifying and responding to shifts in consumer behavior and perception. Learn the fundamentals of brand theory and how product positioning, packaging, pricing and advertising platforms relate to consumer trends.

What you can learn ?

  • Develop an understanding of Marketing Strategy and Consumer Culture.
  • Acquire a grasp of the fundamentals of branding theory.
  • Learn to critically analyze marketing strategies and tactics in practical scenarios.

For the crowd:

Students interested in business administration, media, advertising.

Students will gain a strong foundation in understanding fundamental theories, concepts, and principles, covering macromolecules (DNA, RNA, proteins); genotypes and phenotypes; metabolism and the production and utilization of energy; growth, development, and reproduction of organisms; the crucial role that water plays in life, and more. The coursework includes hands-on activities and fieldwork, providing you with the opportunity to apply the scientific method and observe how biologists explore our world and its living organisms.

What you can learn ?

  • Explore specialized courses in the field of biology, cells and organisms
  • Master common biological research methods through hands-on practice and
    field study activities.

For the crowd:

Students interested in biology, genetics, ecology.


Certificate of course completion
* Students who meet the course completion requirements will receive the certificate.

Why Us?

Immersive learning experience
Officially organized by the University of California, Berkeley. During the program students will study and live on the campus of UC Berkeley, the nation's top-ranked public university, and immerse themselves in the academic atmosphere of UC Berkeley.
Three cutting-edge subjects
Ranked 6th in Economics, 7th in Biosciences and 11th in Marketing in the 2023 QS Subject Specialty Rankings, the program offers students the opportunity to explore cutting-edge disciplines and advance in their undergraduate-level academic programs.
Professional faculty
The program is instructed by professional instructors assigned by UC Berkeley, employing a combination of core knowledge learning and teamwork to facilitate students' immersion in the UC Berkeley teaching methodology. Participants will have the opportunity for face-to-face interactions with mentors who are experts in their respective fields.
Small class size
Provide more personalized teaching programs and promote close interaction between teachers and students. Teachers can help students solve academic problems in a more timely and precise way, and students are more likely to ask questions and participate in class, establish in-depth academic dialogues with their tutors.
Presented with offcial certficates
Students who meet the course completion requirements will be awarded a certificate, adding a competitive edge to future study abroad applications.

Sample Schedule

UC Berkeley's beautiful campus During the program, all students will be housed in UC Berkeley's on-campus dormitories (2-3 students per dormitory), which are fully furnished, supervised, and available to assist students at all times. Wi-Fi is available throughout the residence halls and in most classrooms.*Actual residential assignments are subject to final arrangements made by UC Berkeley Summer School.
UC Berkeley has a wide variety of campus restaurants that cater to students from different cultures and food habits. There are also a large number of restaurants (including many Chinese restaurants) and a large student market around campus.
The centerpiece of UC Berkeley's campus is the famous Sather Tower, The Campanile, the world's third-tallest bell tower, which rings bells and plays music every day at important moments of the day. In the evening, the clock tower offers a spectacular view of the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset.

Sample Schedule

* The schedule may vary depending on UC Berkeley

Teaching Faculty

The faculty of the program are selected and assigned by UC Berkeley, and all instructors have rich teaching experience and industry experience. The following is a list of instructors for some of the subjects taught in the previous semesters, for reference only, the final program faculty will be subject to the official arrangement of UC Berkeley.


Kyle teaches a range of courses at UC Berkeley, including Psychology, Business English, Academic Reading and Writing, and is responsible for college admissions. He is currently developing a corporate training program for the American University in Baghdad, Iraq, and is the AP Program Director at Lyceum Kennedy International School.

Janet Christensen

Janet Christensen has 14 years of teaching experience at the UC Berkeley, in a variety of courses including Business English, American Culture, Film, and History, and has 26 years of cumulative experience in the education industry in the areas of higher education, high school, and healthcare education. She has also founded an editorial/academic coaching firm and has extensive experience in marketing and creative writing.


Brandon is the founder of a consulting firm and a veteran educational technologist and corporate training expert. His extensive education and training experience includes serving as a senior curriculum developer for VIPKid, a consultant for disaster management teams, and a trainer for overseas talent acquisition teams.


Kathleen is an experienced journalist with a BA and MA in Creative Writing and an MA in Applied Linguistics for the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language, specializing in writing about arts and culture, equity inquiry, and healthy community building. He enjoys helping young writers and word creators and is willing to coach them to write stories based on the issues they care about most.




July 17 to July 31, 2024
* Specific dates for flight departures and returns in China are subject to the final airfare program


Economics, Biology, Marketing


University of California, Berkeley, US


15-18 years old (* Please contact ASDAN staff for details)
*Students must be born between July 31, 2005 - July 17,2009


20 students per subject, based on the order of application


  • Includes: tuition, accommodation, breakfast, welcome dinner on the arrival day, activities, excursions fees; ASDAN group leader service fee; local transportation fee between San Francisco international airport and UC Berkeley University; international insurance.
  • Excludes: international transportation costs to and from San Francisco (departure and arrival from Beijing/Shanghai/Shenzhen/Hong Kong), you can use a third-party service or ASDAN China's unied service; visa fee & visa service fee (2400 RMB ASDAN's VIP visa service promises to obtain a visa, or all visa and program fees will be refunded if the visa is refused); lunch and dinner; During the Berkeley Experience Activities, students are responsible for covering some public transportation costs and personal expenses (estimated expenses range from $150 to $200).


  • English language level equivalent to IELTS level 6.0 or TOEFL 80
  • Recommendation letter from your teacher as proof of English proficiency, or a phone interview with an ASDAN staff member
  • Priority for awarded students from ASDAN STEM assessment

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