UC Berkeley Online Summer School

UC Berkeley Online Summer School中文官网 Introduction Why UC Berkeley Program Descriptions Cultural Exchange Application Online Course 400-9999-615 Sign upScan to sign up UC Berkeley Online Summer School Eight leading topics to choose from | UC Berkeley faculties Our classes with … Read More


纽约电影学院在线夏校英文官网 简介 独特价值 教学内容与方法 师资简介 项目日程 成果展示 报名须知 联系我们 400-9999-615 立即报名扫码报名 纽约电影学院在线夏校     电影制作导演:2022年7月27日 – 8月2日(7.30 – 7.31为作品创作时间) 3D动画制作:2022年7月27日 – 8月3日(7.30 – 7.31为作品创作时间) 纽约电影学院专为亚洲学生开设的专业课程 纽约电影学院金牌教学团队打破空间限制,在线授课指导 一周20小时全英文授课,帮助提升专业影视英语与专业课程认知 可获得纽约电影学院结业证书以及英国高等院校招生办(UCAS) 认可的ASDAN 艺术类学习证书 纽约电影学院简介 纽约电影学院 (New York Film Academy) 是世界著名的电影和表演艺术院校, 是美国教育部全国艺术与设计院校协会 (NASAD) 和中国教育部认证的专业艺术院校。该学院由电影和百老汇制片人 … Read More

New York Film Academy Online Summer School

New York Film Academy Online Summer School中文官网 About us Summary Teaching Methodology Timetable Teachers Outcomes Application Information 400-9999-615 SIGN UPScan to sign up New York Film Academy Online Summer School     Film Making:July.27th – August.2nd, 2022 (7.30-7.31 video creation) … Read More


牛津大学在线夏校 英文官网 项目简介 为什么选择我们 授课导师 日程表 报名信息 联系我们 400-9999-615 立即报名扫码报名 牛津大学在线夏校 Oxford Online Summer School 经济学 | 国际关系 第一期: 2022 年 6 月 20 日 – 7 月 1 日 第二期: 2022 年 7 月 25 日 – 8 月 … Read More

Oxford Online Summer School

Oxford Online Summer School 中文官网 Introduction Why Us Faculty Sample Schedule Application Contact Us 400-9999-615 Sign upScan the QR code and sign up Oxford Online Summer School Economics | International Relations Session 1: June 20th – July 1st, 2022 (break … Read More

Stanford Math Tournament (SMT)

Stanford Math Tournament (SMT) Introduction Rules Agenda Awards Scholarship Sample Problems FAQs The Stanford Math Tournament Date:April 9th-10th 2023, Online A math challenge for high school students held at Stanford University. Aims to encourage interest in math by providing students … Read More

National Science League

National Science League Introduction NSL System Rules Awards Requirements FAQ 考试入口 Periodic Table of the Elements An all-ages STEM challenge for the U.S. K12 science teaching system 40+ years, 400+ American Schools, 30 thousand + students each year 10 difficulty … Read More

Continental Calculus League

Continental Calculus League Introduction Rules Requirements FAQ 考试入口 The most popular Continental Calculus League in the United States 40+ years, 100+ schools, 5000+ students each year Global school rank, Prepare for AP Calculus, Math application advantage Students with full marks … Read More

Our Partners

Who are we Our Partners Our Story Partners say Let’s talk! We partner with trusted international educational programs and extend their reach in China. Let’s talk ASDAN China ASDAN China, founded in 2011, currently co-operates with 1000+ international and local … Read More