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ASDAN China, founded in 2011, currently co-operates with 1000+ international and local schools across China. By 2021, more than 200,000 students participated in ASDAN China programs. ASDAN China currently cooperates with top international educational organizations and prestigious universities across the world to bring world class programs to Chinese students.

ASDAN has as aim to introduce a wide range of educational resources on subjects ranging from business, economics, mathematics,physics, chemistry, engineering, information science, biology,leadership, social studies and art into China. ASDAN China hopes to connect after-class activities with school classes, and aims to help schools improve their overall extra curricular activities, by providing students with high quality educational resources.

Our Story

2011 Founded
Sept ASDAN China was founded in Beijing with the aim to introduce the best educational resources to China, help schools build a skilled-based education system while advancing after-class activities.
Oct Introduces the CoPE standard to China. Develops program fifit for Chinese students, through which they can be obtain 16 UCAS points.
Dec ASDAN Mini MBA Program starts. The program combines exploration of the UK, US or EU with a focus on business, while working towards a COPE certifification.
2012 Builds university and teacher network
Aug The World Youth Economic Forum (WYEF) is founded, co-hosted by ASDAN China alongside GUEF (Global Undergraduate Economic Forum) from Yale University.
Silk Road Adventure Program starts. By 2019, this yearly summer program has allowed over 800 Chinese and international students to discover the Silk Rxoad while deepening their knowledge of Chinese culture.
Sept ASDAN holds its fifirst ASDAN Teachers' Conference with the aim to train teachers on skill-based education while acting as an exchange platform for teachers to learn from each other. It is now a yearly event engaging more than 800 teachers from150+ schools in the last edition.
Oct ASDAN Business Simulation is created. An in-house built business simulation system with real trading rules running in near-life simulation. 100+ online and onsite simulations are held annually, with more than 10,000 students participating from international and Chinese schools.
2013 Schools accross China become ASDAN Centers
Feb ASDAN Model United Nations Program starts. This program has taken 1200+ students to NAIMUN, YMUN, HMUN and MITMUNC. Upon successful completion, participants can apply for a AoPE certifificate that carries 8 UCAS points.
Mar Schools across China can apply to become ASDAN Centers which gives them the opportunity to use ADAN programs to enrich their school activities.
2014 Partners with Standford Maths Tournament to co-host the ASDAN Math Tournament
Oct The fifirst ASDAN Math Tournament is held in Beijing. The competition is co-hosted with SMT (Stanford Math Tournament) organizing committee. More than 700 students from 120 different schools participated.
2015 Seals AAPT, LIYSF, ARML and RSC partnerships
May ASDAN China partners with the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) to introduce the PhysicsBowl. Every year, 100+ exam centres are mobilised across China for 4000+ participants.
Jul ASDAN China becomes an offificial exclusive partner of the London International Youth Science Forum (LIYSF), one of the best high school science forum in the world.
Sept Becomes offificial partner with American Regions Mathematics League (ARML) to introduce the ARML Local to Chinese high schools.
Cooperates with the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) to introduce a tailor made team based chemistry com-petition to China.
2016 Partners with 10 prestigious STEAM programs and 2 world famous summer schools
Mar Becomes an offificial partner of The Royal Society of Biology (RSB) and introduces the 'British Biology Olympiad' to Chinese students allowing them to compete with 7000 British students.
May Becomes an offificial partner of the USA biology Olympiad (USABO) to introduce the 'USA biology Olympiad' to China as the ‘BioOlympiad Initiative USA-China’.
Jun Becomes Oxford Royale Academy’s exclusive China Partner for whom ASDAN selects top students to attend the Oxford Summer School.
Partners with Stanford University for which ASDAN selects outstanding Chinese students for their Stanford Pre-Collegiate International Institute summer school programs.
Jul Holds the the fifirst New York Film Academy Summer Camp in Beijing in partnership with the New York Film Academy (NYFA).
Becomes a British Physics Olympiad (BPhO) offificial partner. Top Chinese performers are invited to join the British Physics Camp China hosted by head coaches from the UK.
Sept Cooperates with Goettingen University to select Chinese student to attend its prestigious XLAB program which cumulates 45 Nobel laureates graduates. ASDAN starts XLAB China by working with universities and scientifific institutes within China.
Introduces the Berkeley Mini-Math Tournament (China) to provide middle school students with an international math tournament.
Dec Starts offificial partnership with Bizworld.org, offering the best entrepreneurial education to young students.
Partners with Cambridge Immerse to exclusively select candidates for the Cambridge Summer School.
Cooperates with Enabling the Future-3D Printing to create a social educational program empowering Chinese students to use 3D printing technology to help handicapped children.
Offificially partners with AMT (Australia Math Trust) to introduce the Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) and Computational and Algorithmic Thinking (CAT).
2017 Partners with world famous universities to create the ASDAN Career Exploration Program
May Cooperates with MIT Model United Nations Conference (MITMUNC) to co-host MITMUNC China with the aim to offer a platform for students to find solutions to international issues based on MIT's first-rate academic strength in science and engineering.
Starts cooperation with the PUPC (Princeton University Physics Competition) Committee to co-host PUPC (China).
Jul Kickstarts ASDAN Career Exploration Program by collaobrating with some of the world’s best universities and top corporations including Imperial College, University of the Arts London, Hong Kong University, Singapore Nanyang Technology University, Amplify Trading, Citylinx etc.
Partners with The London Institute of Banking and Finance (LIBF) to offer Chinese students a series of Finance challenge and qualifications.
2018 Becomes the biggest international STEM competition platform in China
Jul ASDAN Global Volunteer Program kicks off offering volunteering programs around the globe that cover community support, environment protection and culture conservation.
May Confirms official partnerships with more well-known international STEM competitions to become the biggest international competition platform in China.
  • COMC - Canadian Open Math Competition
  • CCC & CCO - Canadian Chemistry Competition and Olympiad
  • UKChO - British Chemistry Olympiad
  • BSC - Big Science Competition
  • Australian Science Olympiad
  • ACSL - American Computer Science League
  • NRC - National Robotic Challenge
Sept Officially starts working with Berkeley University to select students from China to its summer school.
Sept Officially partners with SHAD to select Chinese students for one of the most prestigious Canadian summer school.
2019 Partners with the WSC, IAC, CEF, ETS and Maths Kangaroo
Mar Partners with the World Scholar’s Cup (WSC) to introduce a unique academic challenge in China. We co-host regional rounds with the WSC team and help to select students to participate in Global Rounds and Championship held at Yale University.
May Becomes a partner of the International Academic Challenge (IAC) to host its qualifier round and national round in China. Top performing students have the chance to participate at the IAC global.
Partners with Chemical Education Foundation (CEF) to introduce the You Be the Chemist Challenge qualifier round and to run the China national round. Chinese students compete alongside 60,000 American candidates.
Sept Becomes an official partner of ETS (Education Testing Service) to organize the “ASDAN Critical Thinking Challenge” by using ETS HEIghten Qualification.
Oct Becomes an official country member of Math Kangaroo Community. Math Kangaroo is the biggest international math competition in the world with an anual participation exceeding 8 million students from 87 countries.
2020 Introduces the OFQUAL and UCAS recognised EPQ & responds to COVID-19
Feb Officially introduces the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) to China; the most popular research qualification program recognized by the British Ofqual and UCAS organisations.
Apr After an unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak, ASDAN China successfully executes an offline to online transition of its originally offline programs. Between Feb to April 2020, ASDAN China offers more than 30,000 students the opportunity to still attend competitions, events and other educational programs from the safety of their homes.
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Community Projects

Promoting math education with Math Kangaroo
Since 2019, together with our partner Math Kangaroo, we have supported more than 30,000 schools located in underserved regions of China.
Schools are provided with free access to resources to help them promote math education in their community.

The *Global Classroom* Project
Since 2014, more than 10,000 ASDAN volunteers have worked on projects spanning education, social inclusiveness, cultural conservation and wildlife preservation.
Read more about beneficiaries' and volunteers' stories here.

Community building for teachers
ASDAN China funds a series of online and in-person Teacher Conferences.
Annually, more than 5000 teachers benefit from these events that aim at facilitating the sharing of knowledge between local and international educators.

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Since we have partnered with ASDAN this year, we seen a surge in the number of participants in China and in Chinese expatriate community around the

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American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT)

We have really enjoyed having Chinese students participate both in the Physics Bowl and the HS Photo contest.

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