Junior Science Olympiad Of Canada Camp

Practical Science training camp at an advanced level

Provided by experienced coaches and trained staff

Curiosity, creative thinking, experiment experience, collaboration with the national elite

Opportunity to learn, discover and achieve!

Date: 28 Jan - 2 Feb 2023


Junior Science Olympiad Of Canada Camp Invitation Letter

Dear students,

Congratulations to all the students selected. We would like to sincerely invite you to participate in the Junior Science Olympiad Of Canada Camp in China, held from January 28 to February 2.

The Junior Science Olympiad of Canada contest targets highly motivated students, 15 and under, interested in exploring science at a more advanced level. ASDAN China Limited and the Junior Science Olympiad of Canada committee have been working together to bring the competition to China since 2020.

In Canada, the top students from the JSOC exam are invited to train with the Canadian IJSO team. The JSOC exam targets highly motivated students, 15 and under, interested in exploring science at a more advanced level. All coaches are experienced teachers at high school or university levels, who will spare no effort to bring in updated learning materials and teaching methods to Chinese students. During this time, students are expected to open new doors academically, socially, and personally, and improve skills that will help make dreams come true.

We believe you would have a great and unique learning experience during the camp.

The Junior Science Olympiad Of Canada committee
ASDAN China Limited
December 2022




28 Jan - 2 Feb 2023


Awarded-winning students in the 2022 science olympiads

Teaching module
  • Connected with science curricula in Canada to real-world issues, all selected topics are on valuable academic fields. During this time, coaches are willing to lead the students to explore how to tackle the questions in a different way and in a reasonable order, which means to improve their problem-solving and communication skills.
  • Practical lab or virtual lab analysis, including practical exercises, graphical analysis, etc. Students are encouraged to acquire and understand specific knowledge from experiments, collect and show data in clarity, and explain operations and results with appropriate rules, which means to improve their practical lab skills in Chemistry, Physics and Biology.
  • Experienced coaches give a detailed plan in advance and prepare problem sets and quizzes for students to test and emphasize key information after class so that students are given adequate opportunities to study and read materials independently and adjust the way to learn, which means to improve their thinking and learning skills.


Date/Time 9:00-12:00 14:00-17:00
28 January Mechanics and Energy; Graphs in Physics Preclass Preparation/Office Hour*
29 January Biochemistry
Cell biology
Preclass Preparation/Office Hour*
30 January Quantitative Application and Analysis of Experimental Data in Chemical Reactions and Electrochemistry Preclass Preparation/Office Hour*
31 January Optics
Preclass Preparation/Office Hour*
1 February Evolution
Population dynamics
Animal physiology
Preclass Preparation/Office Hour*
2 February Quantitative Application and Analysis of Experimental Data in Thermodynamics Preclass Preparation/Office Hour*


Ms. J. Pitt-Lainsbury
Ms. Pitt-Lainsbury has been a National Organizer and a Mentor for the Canadian International Chemistry Olympiad Program (IChO) since 2010. Ms. Lainsbury brings her experience from many years of teaching chemistry and as the National Examiner of the Chemistry Olympiad Program, to training students across Canada ages 15 and under in building their experience, expertise and interest in advanced Chemistry topics.
Dr. M Niño Soto
Dr. Niño-Soto is a National Organizer and Mentor for both the Junior Science Olympiad of Canada (JSOC) and the Canadian Biology Olympiad (CBO). She has taught for over 20 years at high school and university levels. Dr. Niño-Soto is passionate about fostering a love for science and science research in young students looking for an intellectual challenge.
Ms. M Vanderkamp
Ms. Vanderkamp has been with JSOC since its inception in 2017. She has been teaching physics for many years and enjoys working with talented young students who are looking to challenge themselves in science.



January 13 2023


Refund Policy

If you apply to refund from the date before the 30 calendar days of the camp, no registration fee will be deducted; if your application date is between 30 days and 1 week, 50% of the registration fee will be deducted as academic materials, apparatus and service fees. After the date 7 calendar days before the camp, you will no longer be eligible and won't be able to receive a refund.

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