Math Majors of America Tournament for High Schools(MMATHS)

耶鲁大学团体数学挑战 (MMATHS) Introduction Rules Schedule Awards Scholarships Sample questions FAQ Math Majors of America Tournament for High Schools (MMATHS) Date: 2024 January 6th-7th Maths Challenge for High School held by Yale Maths Club Innovative team challenge format and leading-edge maths … Read More

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Canada Lynx Mathematical Competition (CLMC)

Canada Lynx Mathematical Competition (CLMC) Introduction Rules Requirements Sample Problems FAQ 考试入口 霸屏软件下载 Hosted by Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS) – one of the world’s leading authorities in math Canada’s most influential national math competition series CLMC is the pre-Assessment Challenge … Read More

The 2023 Math Kangaroo China Academic Board

The Math Kangaroo China Academic Board Introduction Competition Rules Congratulations”2023 Math Kangaroo Global Excellence Award” Ms.Xing Chen 宁波鄞州赫德实验学校 宁波赫德小学部副校长、中方数学课程主任。高级教师,教龄32年。浙江省名师名校长计划培养人选、宁波市“名教师”称号。陈老师主持的《发展小学生数学反思能力的实践研究》、《小学数学综合实践生本作业有效性的探索研究》等多个课题在省级获奖。 Ms. Zijun Wu 上海宝山区世界外国语学校 吴老师为 IGCSE & 体制内数学教师;袋鼠数学、AMC、HOSA 等国际竞赛优秀教练。 本科毕业于中国人民大学数学与应用数学专业,硕士毕业于伦敦政治经济学院统计学专业,为伦敦政经优秀毕业生。 Mr. Shijie Bu 上海宝山区世界外国语学校 卜士杰老师对数学竞赛兴趣浓厚,学生时代曾多次参加国内外著名数学赛事并获奖,工作后担任澳大利亚 AMC、美国数学 AMC、袋鼠数学思维挑战赛、美国学术五项全能(USAP)教练,对培养学生数学思维能力有着独到的方法。 Ms. Yuejian Wang 深圳市博纳学校 王老师有 10 … Read More

Coding Olympics Singapore (COS)

Coding Olympics Singapore (COS) Introduction Competition Rules Schedule Game Photo FAQ 考试入口 Coding Olympics Singapore(COS) Date: August 5th, 2023 International curriculum standards Common Core CSTA (US) UK, AustraliaIncorporates Mathematics & Literacy disciplines (STEM) Cultivate creativity, problem solving skills, logical and sequential … Read More

International Astronomy and Astrophysics Competition (IAAC)

International Astronomy and Astrophysics Competition (IAAC) Introduction IAAC Pre-Final Round Rules IAAC Final Round Rules Sample Problems FAQ 考试入口 霸屏软件下载 Over 14,500 global participants with a passion for astronomy, physics and mathematics Open to high school students from around the … Read More

Cambridge Chemistry Challenge(C3L6)

Cambridge Chemistry Challenge (C3L6) Introduction Challenge Rules Requirements Sample Problems FAQ Learning Resources 元素周期表 考试入口 霸屏软件下载 答题册上传 答题册下载 One of most prestigious Chemistry competition in the world Hosted by the Department of Chemistry and St. Catherine’s College, University of Cambridge … Read More

Girls in Math at Yale (GiM)

Girls in Math at Yale (GiM) Introduction Rules Agenda Awards Scholarship Sample Problems FAQs 考试入口 Girls in Math at Yale (GiM) Date:Mar. 2, 2024 (Sat.) A math challenge for high school female students held by Yale University Cultivate a love … Read More

Physics Unlimited Explorer Competition (PUEC)

Physics Unlimited Explorer Competition (PUEC) Introduction Rules Registration Past Assignment FAQ An open-ended exploration organized by Physics Unlimited Contents are related to forefront of modern research Improve students’ logical thinking skills An international competition with global ranking Beneficial for applying … Read More

Junior Science Olympiad Of Canada Camp (JSOC Camp)

Junior Science Olympiad Of Canada Camp Invitation Introduction Agenda Coaches Registration Practical Science training camp at an advanced level Provided by experienced coaches and trained staff Curiosity, creative thinking, experiment experience, collaboration with the national elite Opportunity to learn, discover … Read More